FLEX Barre

What our members say

 Samantha Mathis

“After having my 1st baby, I didn't think it was possible to get my core back to the way it looked and felt pre-baby. That was until I found FLEX Studios. Along with great nutrition, the transformation was significant, and now that I am pregnant with my 2nd baby I am still @ FLEX Studios 3-4 times/wk including the Prenatal class which I love! I feel stronger and more confident that I will bounce back even more quickly this time.”

 Kelly Nash-Petit & Andrew Petit

The classes at FLEX Studios are full body strength workouts that don't slack on cardio. Each class has an upbeat flow with great instructors and fun music. I've never had the same workout twice. And it never gets easier - even after 2 years! All the instructors are great and they tailor for ability and gender. Which is how I convinced Mr. Pettit to become a regular in Jenn's Monday night Pilates class. They should call the class, 'Co-ed hundreds on steroids'.